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5 good reasons why homework should be banned from school

There are many students, parents, and teachers alike who are arguing that homework should be banned from school. Below are 5 good reasons why it should be banned:

  1. Young kids today are busier than before.
  2. If the children today are not able to learn what they need in the span of a six to eight hour day, then parents and teachers are expecting too much from them. They are instead creating a schedule that is hurried, jam packed, and lacks any time to play, interact, or enjoy life. Adding more hours vis-à-vis homework is adding to an already packed day. Students need an opportunity, whether they are young or old, to enjoy play time. Younger students need time to throw a ball around, to climb trees, to ride their bikes, to read books they enjoy, and older students need to time to engage in extra curricular activities that they enjoy.

  3. Parents don’t have time.
  4. Today, many parents are forced to take on double shifts. Many households have both parents working. And overall, parents do not have the time to provide the additional support that students need with their homework. Their older siblings may not be around, because they too are focused on homework, and it leaves the child without the support they need.

  5. Homework takes away motivation.
  6. Homework might be a positive force in some situations, but realistically, the parents often get saddled with trying to teach the student in the exact same way the teacher taught them in class, without the knowledge of the teaching methods the teacher used. This makes it a management issue that takes away motivation. On that note, homework ends up being a mandatory stressor that does not provide students with the meaningful learning they need. Instead they end up without feedback, stressed, and in search of expensive tutors.

  7. Homework does nothing to increase achievement.
  8. When homework becomes a stressor, it decreases achievement in school. Students stop learning so much as trying to make a deadline, and that causes students’ grades to drop because they are not taking the time they need to really understand a concept.

  9. Homework does not instill good habits.
  10. Homework teaches kids that they need to study or they will fail. It does not cultivate a desire or longing to learn. It does not encourage kids to become self-directed and instead forces them to struggle with stress.

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