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How to deal with tricky math homework

There’s a misconception out there that certain people have a natural ability to do math, while others are just not cut out for it. However, those who do well at math dedicate themselves to understanding complex problems and keep that flow going throughout their lives. Similar to a well-build weightlifter, you too can exercise your brain to understanding math. Here’s how:

Identify what’s holding you back

Usually, the reason you are unable to lift a heavy weight is not because you’re too tired or you haven’t eaten properly, but simply because the weight is too heavy. The way this is solved is by removing some of the weights from your dumbbell and slowly working yourself up to the heavier one.

Most complicated math problems are made up of lots of various problems that are tied into one. It’s therefore important that you understand how to do all minor equations before attempting the major ones. Take a look at your tricky math problem and ask yourself which part of the problem is puzzling to you. If you can successfully break it down, you may find that there is a fundamental understanding that you lack. Simply go back to some of your old textbook sections and find out how to solve the smaller problem—so that the bigger one doesn’t look as intimidating anymore.

Your brain need to be exercised toward solving math problems

When you look at a math problem that baffles your mind, simply look at it the same way you would if you were lifting weights. Some weights are light and easy to lift, while others are heavy and take lots more effort. The more you exercise your body, the better you will become at lifting heavier weights.

Continual exposure to math problems will enable you to grasp concepts that you were previously unable to. Don’t fret about not understanding something right away. Keep looking at it; keep working at it. Before you know it, something will click and you’ll be on your way to solving more complex problems than you ever thought you could.

Repetition and breaks

It’s important to remember that small, repetitive attempts at solving your math problems are better than burning yourself out for hours. Give yourself lots of breaks in between your homework efforts. If something is not making sense, come back to it later. Use your textbook and keep hunting for solutions. If you do this yourself, you’ll find it hard to forget those methods.

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