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How To Get My Teenager To Do His Homework: A Quick Guide

To get a teenager do his homework is not an easy task. For sure he will find anything more interesting than math exercises, and you can’t blame him. Sometimes, you can convince him to start his work but soon enough, he will escape in front of the TV, or he will just spend hours in front of his textbook doing anything but study. When you want to avoid situations like this, you need to be extremely calm and delicate. If you have tact, you will make a service to the both of you, and you will notice progress in short time.

  • Find out why he does not want to do his homework. Even if they are rebels in nature, teenagers want to be treated like adults to have a serious conversation with him and ask what reasons he has to refuse this activity. Maybe he has problems in a certain subject, and he is shy to tell you, or he does not like a teacher. It is important to understand if this is coming from boredom, or he is actually having a problem.
  • Be a parent, not a friend. It can be tempting to be very friendly with your child, hoping that this will make him connect with you better. Unfortunately, with teenagers it is important to show that you have authority over them, even if you are their friend. Let them know clearly that homework is their obligation, and they can not postpone it forever. Then, ask them for a specific time when they will start their work. Even if they say, 9 p.m. respect their decision and don’t insist.
  • Show them your obligations. Put a balance between your duties and theirs and let them know that you can easily stop giving them pocket money. Since they don’t do their job as a child, you don’t have to give them any supplementary reward. This is a strong motivation for any teenager.
  • Trust them, but not too much. If they told you they finished their homework, don’t check every exercise every single day. However, ask a report every few weeks from their teacher to see their situation. You might be lucky, and your child might be honest, but there is also a chance he is trying to escape from his responsibilities. It is better to know what you’re dealing with, so discuss with the professor as often as you can.

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