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Who Can Write Your Homework For Free?

Well I wish I knew because if I did I would certainly take advantage of it myself. The logical person who can help you with your homework without charge is a good friend or member of your family. Of course it depends what you mean by write your homework. If you mean to provide assistance and guidance in the homework you have to do, that's one thing. If you mean someone who's going to do all your homework for you for nothing, well that's another.

Getting guidance or help with your homework is not difficult. In many cases your teacher or tutor may well be a position to give you such assistance. In fact some would argue that it is their job to do just that. But this requires you to have a plan in place already. You go to your teacher or tutor and say, this is what I propose to do, or, this is how I'm going to tackle this aspect of my homework -- what do you think?

Now that's getting help with your homework and the advice is free. But when it comes to actually writing the assignments or doing the homework which you have to do for you, well that's where a bit of luck or a bit of bartering comes into play.

There's no such thing as a free lunch

Now it might be that there is a fellow student at your school or college who is really good at a particular subject which involves your homework. Now how can you persuade them to do your homework for you for free? Well it could be not so much payment in cash but rather in kind. In other words you could offer to do something for this student, this could even be their homework in a subject in which they are not so good but which you are, and thus it's a contra deal. You do my homework on this particular subject for me for free and I'll do your homework on that particular subject for you for free.

Online as well

Now there are many online homework sites. Inevitably they charge for their services. However you can certainly get free quotations from many of these companies. You have to be very specific. You have to state exactly the title of your homework and list all the details of what you have to do in terms of the subject, the number of words and that sort of thing and in return, they will give you a free quotation of what they will charge to do all that work for you.

But in the long run, getting someone to do your homework for you without any charge whatsoever is a tall order. The secret is to either become a better student and do your own homework yourself, or look around and find an online homework supply company which will do exactly what you want but for a reasonable fee.

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