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Generating a list of topics for your history homework paper

So you have been given a history homework assignment and you are not sure about which specific topic or topics to write about. There is a tried and tested way which will give you all sorts of help in this situation. Follow these steps and you will have nailed a list of topics from which you can create your history homework paper.

Select a period of time

This can be a narrow period of time or something much broader. For example you could choose the years 1900 to 1905. Or a broader example would be the years 1900 to 1950.

Select an event or events

Now there are a number of events you can choose including the following.

  • War
  • Economics
  • Elections
  • Food production
  • Natural disasters
  • Government legislation
  • Movements
  • Sporting achievements
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Animal welfare
  • Air travel
  • Man-made disasters
  • Immigration
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Space travel

As you can see this is an extensive list but by no means a complete one. The principle being that once you have chosen a particular topic you then study it from the history point of view - what happened, why did it happen and what were the consequences?

Of course each particular topic can be divided into sub-topics so that if you are to write the history of say fashion between 1900 and 1920, you need to define what type of fashion you are studying. Is this women's fashion? Is this fashion as far as footwear or headgear is concerned? Not only are there a myriad of topics, there is also a wide variety of sub-topics.

But of course choosing the period of time you are studying in your history homework paper and the actual topic or topics is one thing. The other and most important thing is that you write well. It's of little use if you choose a topic you are passionate about or about which you are able to do some excellent research if you do not produce a top quality history homework paper. How do you do that? Ah, well that’s another subject in itself, save to say you must address the topic.

So choose your history topic wisely and well and then use all of the writing skills you have acquired and produce a paper which is interesting, relevant to the topic and presents the facts in a clear and well supported way.

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