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How to cheat on homework: tips from cheaters

To save yourself some time here are a few tips to cheat on your homework:

  • Detailed notes
  • Research online
  • Do not ignore summaries

Detailed notes

 Often as not the answers to your homework lie in class discussions or your text. When in class take detailed notes of everything being discussed and if your professor draws attention to a line from your book mark that down as well. Notes on class discussions can prove very useful in doing homework, just flip to your record of the day’s class and use it as a guide to do your homework. Mark and highlight sections in your books that the professor has used in class or that you made note of while reading it, so that you can easily find it when looking through your text again. With the answers so easily accessible at your fingertips that will allow your homework to progress smoothly and you will be done in no time.

Research online

  If you failed to take detailed notes then pull out your laptop and click the search engine. Oftentimes you will be able to find what you are looking for, as well as the page number and name of the book it is from. By researching online you will cut the time it takes to look up the answers in your books in half, giving you more time to complete other assignments. Please remember that your professors were once students themselves and will not be easily fooled. Make sure your answers are in your own words and that no plagiarism is involved, this type of cheating is to help you get your homework done faster with good results but not at the expense of another.

Do not ignore summaries

  For those who have been given a 900 page reading assignment for homework they will find that summaries are their allies. Go online and find chapter summaries of the assigned text, then you can jot down notes from the summaries in the chapters of your book to refer to later in class. This will save you time and keep the lower half of your body from going numb from sitting too long when reading. Make sure that any notes you take are in your own words, as your professors will be familiar with your type of speech and will notice and language out of the ordinary for you.

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