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Doing Chemistry homework in school successfully

Completing homework for Chemistry class while in School

You need to be prepared when it comes to Chemistry Class and the homework or assignments that go along with it. Chemistry is a very hard class to go through but it teaches you a lot of essential math skills. Taking Chemistry is a must in order to get the basic High School Diploma, so some key concepts you should know before taking on Chemistry are as follows:

  • Scientific notation
  • Fractions
  • Exponents
  • Writing and solving algebraic equations
  • Negative numbers
  • Logarithms

People tend to work themselves up and stress out over whether they are doing well in Chemistry or not, you need to spend less time worrying and more time realizing that if you set up some reasonable expectations for yourself. For example, you need to keep up in class all the time and you need to practice what you are taught in class in order to better retain the information learned. Practicing and studying are highly suggested when it comes to Chemistry class because it is not the type of class you can cram for at the last minute and expect to pass. This means you need to take responsibility for your own learning and when you are lost or confused do not be afraid to ask for help. It does not matter if you ask a fellow classmate or your teacher or look for help from a book or online, you need to seek help in order to stay on track with the lesson plan and not fall behind. You should also have a positive attitude about Chemistry class so you will be more willing to pay attention to everything in class.

Attending Class and Working on Problems:

  • Always arrive to class on time, usually teachers will mention key concepts at the start of class
  • Always take notes during class, write everything down that this is written on the board
  • Examples are great to include in your notes, they serve as visual aid when it comes to being stuck on a problem or needing help with your homework
  • It is better to sit near the front of the class, it gets you involved with lectures and learning
  • Do all the problems yourself
  • Write down what you are trying to answer and all the facts that you are given, this usually helps people to recall the process of how to solve the given problem

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