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Assignments For Sale: How To Become The Best Student In Your Group

This is a challenge best taken with a pinch of salt. The desire the “best” student in the group is a result of all the years of peer pressure and training in competition. What exactly is “best” anyway? Well, not to foray too far into the woods of philosophical debate, let us look at the option of buying a few assignments for better grades. Your friends will be surprised (pleasantly, we hope!) to see your grades rising fast. Beware of the risk of ringing alarm bells though.

Here are a few ways to become the best student in your group (including assignment shopping):

  1. Be good: Ok, this may sound like your granny’s voice but being helpful to others is the surest way to gain popularity. You do not have to overdo it. You do not have to sacrifice your individuality or personality either. All you should add to your repertoire is a dash of courtesy and a pinch of cheerfulness. Being there for your friends is important even when you are not attempting to be the “best”!
  2. Determine your strengths and use them: Everyone is blessed with strengths. You need to know what you are good at, see your aptitude if you may. Once you know your strong suit, hone your skills in that area. It is not essential to be good in all courses to be the best. Actually, it is not important to excel at any of the academic courses to be labeled the best. Maybe your main strength is in sports or art. Just work with what you have. Do not let your actual gifts go to waste in the quest for conformed excellence!
  3. Work in a team: When doing your homework or preparing for a test or an assignment, try asking your friends to join you. This encourages cooperation and team spirit. Human beings are not naturally competitive. People actually perform better in cooperative groups rather than competitive isolation.
  4. Do not hesitate to get outside help: Following the spirit of cooperation and teamwork, look for sources of help when you are stuck. You can ask friends, teachers, parents, siblings, or online homework help agencies for assistance. There are many online services that offer prepared assignments for sale. You can also get your assignments custom written by professionals. Do all you can to pass the test and get a good grade, but do it for the right reasons.

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