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How to do your homework project overnight

Every student knows they are asking for trouble if they leave their homework project till the last minute. You even see students outside an exam room cramming, trying to revise at the very last minute. If you do find yourself in the situation where your homework project has to be in the next day, what are some ways to help you finish the project that night?

The following are practical tips. At all times you should consider your health. Being healthy is far more important than missing a homework project deadline. But that being said here are some ways to help you work late into the night.

Don't work nonstop. Your brain simply can't function at a flat out speed for hour after hour. Stop doing your homework project for five or ten minutes. If you can, go outside and do some brief exercise. Do anything other than your homework.

If you know that you have to work hard into the night, try and get a bit of sleep in the afternoon. Trying to have a sleep late at night is not a good idea because your body is used to going to sleep at that time. By having an hour or two of sleep in the afternoon, you will be better able to work during the night.

Trick your brain into thinking it's daytime. As it is dark outside you automatically and unconsciously know it is time to sleep. By putting on more lights than usual, you can help to trick your brain into thinking it is not time to go to sleep.

Set your alarm clock. If you have a modern alarm clock, set it to go off every 15 minutes. Just the act of you having to get up and switch off your alarm will keep you on your toes.

Take a shower. By stopping work on your homework project and having a shower, you take your mind off the subject and refresh your body. Do anything sensible to help break down the message from your brain that you should stop work and go to sleep.

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