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10 Smart Tips for successful homework writing

Have a homework headquarters.

You’ll find it’s easier to get your homework done if you do it in the same place every time. You may have more than one spot you like, but try to limit it to two places. Having a designated destination when it’s time to do your homework will help you stay focused!

Have a homework schedule.

Be consistent with what time you do your homework. It’ll be easier to plan, not only to do your homework, but to do other things with friends. You won’t have to wait to see “if” you have homework and possibly double book if you choose a designated homework time in advance.

Food & drink.

You don’t want to be chowing down the whole time you do homework, but you don’t want to be hungry either. Have a snack or meal before, and a substantial snack accessible in case you run late. Stay hydrated!

Be prepared.

You often need references, internet access, a printer, or other supplies when doing homework. Make sure you have everything set up so you aren’t thrown off mid-assignment!

Get a study buddy.

If you have a friend in the same class or classes, do your homework together!

Manage your time wisely.

Don’t put assignments off until the last day, and don’t schedule your regular homework time too late in the evening. Get it done and out of the way!

Have scheduled, timed breaks.

If you have more than an hour’s worth of homework, schedule a fifteen minute break and time yourself so you don’t get distracted.

Minimize distractions.

Put a do not disturb sign on your door. Don’t have the television on. If you listen to music, choose something soothing that helps you concentrate, like classical music.

Set goals.

When you have longer assignments, like term papers, set weekly or daily goals for how much you’ll work on the assignment, and which aspects of it you’ll work on that day.

Reward yourself.

When you set a goal, also set a small reward for yourself. It needn’t be anything extravagant (though for large goals it might be!)—the point is to reinforce the sense of accomplishment you feel after making progress and maintaining good homework writing habits. The better you feel about doing your homework, the better your performance will be!

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