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Should Complex Homework Assignments be Banned in Schools?


A lot of students don’t believe that any kind of homework should be given at all. The benefits of homework have been proven time and time again though, keeping it in schools everywhere. It reinforces the knowledge that they are trying to get students to learn and retain. The new question is, should complex homework assignments be given to students. These are hard problems or questions, or even essays and papers that the student has to do at home with no help. So why give assignments like that at all?


  • To reinforce information
  • To challenge the student
  • To make sure each student can stand on their own


When students learn things in class the homework given can reinforce the lessons given inside the classroom. The more difficult the assignment the more it forces the information into the brain. The harder one must think about something the longer they may be able to retain it in their minds. Complex assignments can serve this purpose quite well.


The brain is a muscle like any other. If you do not use it then it will stop working as well. Much like lifting smaller weights then working up to heavier ones, doing more and more complex assignments stimulates the brain more and better than easy assignments do. The challenge is good for the mind and therefore good for the student whether they believe it or not.

Stand alone

A student can go to school every day and learn, take notes and ask questions but it is when they are at home and working by themselves that you get the true idea of what they have grasped. If you never do the complex assignments than you will never learn to stand on your own two feet to meet a challenge head on and overcome it. Taking on hard work like that helps build confidence in one’s self and teaches the student that they truly can stand on their own.

No student really wants to spend seven or eight hours working in school just to come home and do more work, especially exceptionally hard work. The problem with that is that if students had no homework or even easier homework they would be further from their own potential. The harder they are pushed in the right direction, the easier it will be for them to deal with life’s complexities later. Taking apart a complex assignment into its simpler parts to solve it is just like dealing with any problem in life, one step at a time.

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