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Where to find a homework helper without any struggles

Help with homework is what many students need. Whether you are in elementary, junior high, high school, or college there will be times when you will need help with homework assignments. Even students getting their masters degree or doctoral candidates need help with homework at times. So, where can you find help with homework?


  • One of the best places to find help with homework is at your school or university.
  • Teachers may be able to assist students one on one after school.
  • Join an academic club. Many high schools and colleges have academic clubs that help with homework, research and competitions.
  • Tutors are often available at school. These tutors are available during school hours, at free periods between classes, and after school.
  • Upperclassman may be able to assist you. Teachers can pair you up with an upperclassman that can help you with your homework. This upperclassman act as tutors and in college they teach some of the classes.


  • Neighborhood libraries may have someone available to help you.
  • Librarians have college degrees in English and can provide you with support.
  • In addition to homework help libraries have many resources and books for self-education.

Community Centers

  • Afterschool homework programs are often offered at local community centers.
  • Librarians, teachers and tutors assist at these afterschool programs.
  • Parents come to community centers to assist as well.
  • Local community organizations also assist students with homework as well as recreational sports and activities.
  • Local community organizations also donate money to the community in order to aid students.


  • Many churches have outreach programs for children.
  • Churches meet at local schools and community centers to provide support.
  • Church youth groups are available for many of the church members as well as extended family and friends.

Homework helpers are available for you in places you often wouldn’t think to look. It is important to use your resources to find any help that you need. The Internet is a good source for finding resources, as well as people who can help you. Online tutoring programs are available via web chat. Some websites will link you to local tutors in your area. The best thing to do is search around. Ask other parents if they know of any helpers. News travels fast by word of mouth. Keep searching. Help is on its way!

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