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Free Tutorial On How To Tackle Vector Calculus Homework

There are times when many of us have trouble doing homework, and especially so when it comes to Vector Calculus which can be a very tricky for the most experienced student. If you find yourself in this situation then you will need the right kind of help to guide you through it.

Try following this tutorial to help you through the process.

There are a number of tools that you can draw on to help you.

  1. Class Notes. It is very rare that tutors set their students homework that is based on work that has not been covered in class. So your first step is to get out the notes that you have made in class as well as any handouts that were given. Depending on your school, your tutor’s notes for the class could be found on the school's intranet. Find the information that corresponds to your homework, the answer could be there.
  2. Additional Study Material. As well as your class notes, handouts and tutor notes, your tutor may have suggested some Additional Study Material. Take a bit of time to scan through the Additional Study Material as you may find that there is a similar Vector Calculus problem that has been worked through. It may be that all you have to do is substitute the values that are in the worked example for the values you have.
  3. Peer Support: Sometimes working as part of a group with your peers you will all be able to not only support each other but at the same time you will all have part of the key top finding out how to solve the problem. By working together you can discuss the situation and find the best way possible to move it forward in order to solve the homework, which will give you all confidence to tackle a similar situation in the future.
  4. Talk with your Personal Tutor: Not all schools use Personal Tutors for their students. If you are lucky enough to be assigned a personal tutor then make use of them. If you have the chance to talk over your concerns then as soon as you have verbalized them you may actually see the solution for yourself. Still stuck then talk to a tutor in Learning Support.
  5. Look for Help Online. Checkout some of the Homework Help website, you may find that there is a variety of tools that you can use. Available tools may include worked examples for you to follow; video tutorials; chat facilities that you can use to discuss your homework difficulties with other students or individual support from a tutor that will help you work through the problem.

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