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Three Main Reasons Why Kids Should Have Less Homework

Nowadays, teachers made a habit from giving too much homework to the kids. If in the beginning this was considered normal, now the parents are complaining also, not only the kids. The schools with the best results are the ones with no-homework policy. Apparently, contrary to the popular belief, homework can decrease the performance of the students and make it harder for them to study. Here are the three main reasons why kids should have less homework:

  1. They need some time off- Now let’s assume a student spends 8 hours in school, 2 hours on the way, 4 hours eating and doing daily things and 8 hours sleeping. We get a total of 22 hours from the total of 24. Teachers assume that students should also make at least 2 hours of homework. As we can easily notice, there is no way a student will have time for any other activity if he also has a lot of homework. In order for a student to be capable to pay attention in class, he should have some time to relax and follow his passions outside school. When they are constantly forced to occupy all their time with homework, they will get distracted very easy during school time.
  2. Each student has other interests- We agree that school is very important in the life of every kid. Even so, most of them will be interested in following their own interests, even if we talk about practicing a sport or taking a music course. If we do not encourage and support kids to follow their passions, they will not have the chance to follow the career that is suitable for them, because they will not be able to experience the things that they love.
  3. There has to be a time for family- Parents come tired from work and the only thing they want to do is to spend pleasant time with their children. Instead, they need to help their kid with homework and to try to explain whatever the kid did not understand in school. Since most of parents are not qualified to give this kind of explanations, either they will explain it in the wrong way, either they will spend a lot of time documenting themselves on different themes just to help their child. In both cases, it’s not fair. The parent should be parent, not teacher!

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