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Searching for free online statistics homework help

Free online help, although promised readily, is not delivered reliably. You have to consider a few factors: Why would someone offer free help online? If someone has posted free answers or a blog, is this help reliable? Can you hold them accountable if the help was wrong or useless?

These and myriad other question should be raised when considering free online help. A lot of the feasibility depends on the extent of help you need. If your need is limited to clarifying a few concepts, you can read up blogs and articles. Bloggers who write on the subject usually write on advanced topics. You can read up just about anything on the Internet to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Some other free tools available online are:

  • Online Calculators: These calculators can help you solve some kinds of problem free of any cost. You might find it hard to learn just how the calculation was done, which is a disadvantage. You are supposed to be able to reproduce this on tests etc.
  • Free Lecture Notes: Some sites offer free lecture notes (or excerpts of them) that you may find useful. You will have to register to learn more. There is every chance that any further help will have to be paid for.
  • Online Students’ Forums and Chat Groups: These come in many shapes and sizes. Your school may have a portal where you can discuss problems with other students. You can find online students’ groups and forums where you can post your questions. These are good places to start from but you cannot be sure of getting a satisfactory response. These are voluntary activities and you cannot push people to help you.
  • Online Homework Help agencies: If you succeed in finding a good online homework help agency, you can use their free services to see if they meet your needs. Almost all of these agencies offer a few helpful tips and articles free of cost. For extensive help, online tuitions, or getting your homework done by the agency, you will have to pay a fee.

What is essential is that you check and recheck the source of help you are about to rely on. Frankly, the help you will find in most cases is not worth the amount of time and energy you will spend looking for it. Having said that, you will have to be careful even if you choose to pay for help.

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