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Free 1st Grade Homework Help: 20 Suggestions For Dummies

  1. Homework help books
  2. There are countless books out there which are relevant to 1st grade homework subjects. You can use a book like this as a homework curriculum for your child.

  3. The difference between doing and helping
  4. Remember that as a parent, your job is not to do your child’s homework. Make sure they are learning how to do it themselves. You are just there to assist and guide.

  5. Implement homework games
  6. Games are a great way to get kids to pay attention and retain knowledge. The web is packed with excellent learning games for kids.

  7. Online tutorials
  8. Video sites contain loads of tutorials on how to do 1st grade homework, and how to implement lessons.

  9. A homework project book
  10. Keep a book dedicated to all the projects your child receives. Make pertinent notes about projects so that you can refer back to how they were done.

  11. Dedicated websites
  12. Whatever your subject or project may be, there is a website out there that can assist you with that particular item. There are alphabet learning sites, math help sites for 1st graders, and much more.

  13. Forums
  14. If you are in doubt about anything, visit an online forum and ask questions of parents, teachers, and even principles.

  15. Parent groups
  16. Join a parent group or start your own. Parents getting together can offer a lot of support on how to get homework done more efficiently.

  17. Use examples
  18. When assisting your child with homework, use examples to get the message across.

  19. Teacher’s assistance
  20. Your child’s teacher is there to help, so utilize this resource if you need to.

  21. Homework blogs
  22. There are lots of ‘How to’ blogs on the web if you run into a snag.

  23. A homework roster
  24. Create a roster for your child and make sure they stick to it.

  25. After-school assistance
  26. Let your child do their homework in an environment where a teacher is present to help if needed.

  27. Learning to search
  28. Teach your child the valuable skill of searching on the internet.

  29. Read through each question carefully
  30. Questions can easily be misinterpreted. Make sure you read through yours properly.

  31. Use all the resources that have been provided
  32. Assignments are often accompanied by books. Use these to your child’s advantage.

  33. Reading out loud
  34. Encourage your child to read questions and answers out loud to make them stick.

  35. Professional tutors
  36. For parents who aren’t able to spend hours helping children with their homework, consider setting up a video Skype account with a tutor. They will assist your child face to face with all homework needs.

  37. Video research
  38. Watch a video regarding the specific process or topic and let your child watch with you.

  39. Get feedback
  40. Ask for regular feedback from your child’s teacher about progress.

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