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The Homework Debate: 10 Pros And Cons That Really Matter

Homework is a vital part of a student’s life. It is nothing but a written revision of what he learns in school. Teachers burden students with homework based on a specific pattern to help him prepare and remain updated with what has been taught till the time.

The debate

For years, debate has been going on as to whether homework should be banned or not. Here are 10 points in favor and 10 against it –


  1. Students get the impetus to practice what they have studied in class.
  2. Students get more versed with the subject. With time, their dread for the subject evaporates.
  3. Students get the composure and environment of their home to address what they read in school.
  4. Students get the chance to discuss their problems with parents through clear examples; citing their homework.
  5. They get a chance to find a cure for their problem. It is actually a form of remedial classes.
  6. Students understand the value of time as they have to complete the assignment within a time-frame.
  7. Students get more disciplined towards their studies. They realize they cannot remain too much behind of their studies.
  8. They get a systematic evaluation of their progress through the relative ease they find to do their successive homework.
  9. During their final exams, they can treat their assignments as a potent guide to learn from.
  10. They understand the value of methodology; something which helps them in future life.


  1. Homework instills natural fear in students and they gradually may grow distant from their studies.
  2. Students feel that their play time and enjoyment time is getting crushed. They find it resentful.
  3. Students may get frustrated n continuously being subjected to hard assignments.
  4. Students feel their family time gets drastically reduced because of the necessity of completing assignments.
  5. Students start getting tensed; a trait which is rather premature for their years.
  6. Students may actually fiddle with preparation by suggesting they have got to do an invented homework.
  7. Students may foster inherently hatred for a subject, because of tough assignments regularly placed therein.
  8. Students may go too fast with their assignments, thus ruining their handwriting, general cleanliness of work and systematization.
  9. Students may nurture resentment for their mates who tend to gain brownie points with their assignments.
  10. Students may actually feel they are being robbed of their reading time by getting stuck to their assignments.

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