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Gifted children and homework

Gifted children have usually high learning ability and cognitive thinking as compared to the normal kids. Parents of gifted children might not realize but these students tend to have problems with doing homework. The parents might think that their child is bright and he will look to his assignment by himself. However this is not the case. Being bright is one thing and being responsible is another thing. Students who have extra ordinary skills are often problematic and they tend to be a little more stubborn than the usual kids. It is worth noting that most geniuses in the world were rebels. Some of them may have succeeded but most of them failed to cope up with the social norms and values. They like to do things in their own way and have strange priorities.

Reasons why gifted children have problem doing their homework

Gifted children are different than the normal kids in many ways. Especially the way they think and react to things. Following are the reasons due to which these children face difficulty in doing their homework.


It is disappointingly true that students with extra ordinary capabilities are usually very careless. They do not take homework seriously and don’t even care about their image in front of their teacher. They lose marks in exams because they were in a rush or because they did not proof read their work. Their carelessness causes a lot of damage to their grades.

Lack of motivation

If you are the parent of a gifted child or if you have a student in your class that is special you need to keep him motivated for doing his home task. Encourage him on his little contribution that he makes in the class and support him in doing his home task. Parents can also motivate the kid by keeping an incentive in return of doing the home task. Taking him out to his favorite restaurant or playing his favorite game might work

Lack of challenge

Students who are capable often think of homework as too easy of a task and tend to avoid it. They consider it something low of their caliber and don’t do it because they find it very easy and boring. They like to do challenging tasks where they can be acknowledged and rewarded. Homework might seem too boring to them


This is a common problem with most of the extra ordinary students around the globe.

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