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Engaging Clients And Other Systems In Generalist Social Work

Before considering the real engagement of clients and other systems in generalist social work, it is pertinent to understand the term “generalist social work”. Marlow defines this term as a practice, literally grounded on a foundation that resolves around liberal arts upon which an integrated and generic social work knowledge base is brought forth and then, is made known by social work values. Notably, the grounding ensures generalist practitioners exploit the whole process by involving professionals in problem solving; to engage, advocate, assess, educate, counsel and organize on behalf of clients and their systems. In this case, this essay will exploit the means by which, generalist social workers can engage both the clients and other systems to a professional front.

Walsh advocates that, generalist social workers will only be successful in their area of operation, only if clients are well-engaged. Arguably, these professionals work with families, individuals, communities, groups and organizations in host settings and variety of social work. To do this effectively, Marlow argues that they should view clients and their systems from perspective of their strength. Doing this will guarantee support, recognition and the building of uniqueness of not only the concerned groups of people but also the capabilities of the innate human beings. This statement proves that Marlow is of the opinion that for generalist social workers to engage clients in their undertakings, the interests of the clients and other systems are to be considered, but on a positive front.

On the other hand, generalist social workers have another responsibility concerning engaging clients and other systems in generalist social work. Here, the experts should meet the evaluation of the service outcome thoroughly. Gain to this is that, the quality services expected of the generalist social workers will be adhered to; and hence, the services being offered will be of value or suitable for the needs of the clients. In this case, the evaluation of the goal in expectation will be a value that all the concerned will live to invent.

Accordingly, argues that, generalist social work engagement is guided so as to meet its expectations. The guidance is usually put in execution under the directions of NASW code ethics, which is entitled to improving the well-being of families, groups, organizations and communities; hence, furthering the human rights’ goals as well as that of the global society.

Engaging all the other systems related to generalist social work also follows the same procedure.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that generalist social workers work with families, organizations, community just to mention a few, in executing variety of social work. Giving the clients’ strong point a go ahead, ensures the success of the team.

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