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Homework assignments online assistance: sources where you can get free help

If you are looking for online assistance with your homework assignments there are several sources that are available to you. But the majority of them have a price. Finding help for free is more difficult. You need to be very selective with what you are signing up for.

Researching for ‘free help’ for homework assignment assistance, revealed the following generalizations:

  1. There are several sites that advertise that they offer ‘free assistance’, but when you access their site, they are then saying that their support and assistance are ‘affordable’. Take the time to investigate exactly what support and assistance they are offering, don’t sign up for anything until you are satisfied and certainly do not provide any payment/card details until you are satisfied that you want to pay for their services. Some sites offer a free trail so you can see first hand exactly what quality they are offering. You could say that this is actually ‘free help’.
  2. If you decide to find out more about an online homework assistance website, you may need to look carefully at their scale of charges. Charges seem to vary between websites. Check out their reputation, check out the qualifications of the tutors and whether or not they may be familiar with the syllabus or curriculum that you are studying. Charges also vary depending on the urgency of the work, the sooner you need the work then more costly it is. Charges also vary as to what grade you hope to achieve. For some projects this could actually involve hundreds of dollars. Ouch!
  3. There are some websites that are related to educational TV programs. You may have to sign up for a subscription to these web sites, but it does not cost anything. By signing up you will receive updates by emails, and other information and ideas that they consider to be relevant to you. You may also get ideas for expanding your knowledge base through signing up for these updates. The information you find on these websites generally use information that meets the needs of the syllabus that you are following, they may also provide u-tube type presentations, that are really useful if you did not quite grasp what was going on during class and needed to go over the concepts again. This type of site usually has a section that is devoted to homework support and subscribes to a forum that may be supervised by a qualified tutor. Did I mention that this is FREE?

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